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WHO predicts that by 2020 mental illness will go from the 20th to the 2nd largest illness world wide. The mental health scenario in India indicates that 70 million people in a country of 1 billion population are affected with some form of mental illness. However, only 10% of them receive psychiatric assistance and much fewer than this have access to rehabilitation services which is an important component in the treatment of mental illness. With this uneven distribution between the increasing need for mental health care and limited mental health resources available, it is challenging to bridge this rising gap. People suffering from mental disorders are often considered a burden or even a threat by the society. Despite these social views about themselves and their condition, people with mental illness believe that life is worth living. Behind their smiles, there is hope and behind hope there is life. It is this fragile hope that ‘life will get better’ that enables in the rise of persons with mental illness and to be with each other in silent, unspeakable moments of suffering. What do we live for if it is not to make life less difficult for each other.

M.S. Chellamuthu Trust and Research Foundation (MSCTRF) was founded as a response to these mental health concerns with an oath to make a positive difference to the world of persons with mental illness and disabilities.




All Donations are 50% tax exempt under section 80G of the Income Tax Act,1961

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Chellamuthu Trust is doing yeomen service to humanity. Congratulations to all persons involved in the great charitable service to the humanity.
Justice P.Jyothi Mani,
Judge, High Court, Madras
Extremely impressed by the work done by the Trust. The dedication and sincerity shown by the staff is commendable.
I.A.S., Commissioner, SS & E, Goa, Jaipur
It is really a good service to human race, which will be appreciated by all with or without disability.
Chandramathi Gururaj,
University of Mysore, Mysore
I am thrilled to see the development of this Rehabilitation Trust for over 20 years. So far I have only seen pictures & heard about it. To see how well the mentally ill persons who came are rehabilitated is truly commendable. I wish the Trust all best wishes and many years of services to humanity.
Mathew Varghese
Professor & Head, Dept. of Psychiatry NIMHANS, Bangalore
Touched, truly fascinating compliments and congratulation for the wonderful initiative. Hope to replicate and build on your experience.
Additional Professor, Dept. of Epidemiology, NIMHANS, Bangalore
Impressed with the facilities available and the dedication of the staff. I wish and hope more and more such facilities are created by the Trust and likeminded organizations.

Special Secretary, Health & Family Welfare, Tamilnadu
This Trust would definitely serve as a model centre for rural rehabilitation for psychiatrically disabled persons. All those involved are doing great service to the suffering mentally ill.
Dr. Parthasarathy
Professor, Department of Psychiatric social work, NIMHANS, Bangalore.
One of the best institutions and the only one i have seen for psychiatric rehabilitation. You are doing a wonderful service. Hope many more benefit from your great work.
Dr. Asha Krishnakumar,
Special Correspondent, Frontline, The Hindu, Chennai
Initiative taken by M.S.Chellamuthu Trust has set a model on psycho-social rehabilitation of the psychiatrically disabled.
Dr. M. Renganathan,
Additional Professor, NIMHANS, Bangalore.
New life is given back to the inmates with professional competence and personal touch and care.
S. Santiago,
Andheri Hilfe, Trichy
It is really heart whelming to see Chellamuthu Trust doing a laudable job for the people ignored by society.
IFS, Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi.
You are all doing a wonderful work of providing loving and appropriate community care and rehabilitation to your residents. You are a great successful example of such a community endeavour.
Derek Lee, M.P.,
House of Commons, Canada.
We are touched by the noble work undertaken by Chellamuthu Trust. Every citizen should develop this kind of social consciousness.
K. Ananda Kumar,
Director, Indian Overseas Bank, Chennai.
We were so impressed by the dignity and pride shown by staff and beneficiaries. This should be a model for not only India but everywhere.
Julien Fraser,
University of Melbourne
Thinking about the welfare of ordinary people is something routine. But doing something for the welfare of mentally handicapped is something rare. This Trust falls in the second category.
D. Rajendiran,
IAS, Collector, Madurai
The dedication of Dr. CRS and his team at Chellamuthu Trust is showing new models and answers to the challenge of mental illness.
Dr. T.Murali,
Former Professor and Head, Department of Psychiatric & Neurological Rehabilitation (DPNR), NIMHANS.
Very challenging task is being taken up with honesty, commitment & expertise.
Dr. Rajaram, Subbian,
Psycho-social Consultant, Bangalore.
Very impressive! I am very much overwhelmed by the services and attitude of staffs and management. I highly appreciate the effort and commitment.
V. Nandhini,
NACO, Delhi
Very impressed about the rehabilitation activities for the mentally ill and the children with mental retardation. Replication of this model in other districts could be highly beneficial both to the persons with mental illness and their family.
Dr. K. Sekar,
Professor & Head, Department of Psychiatric Social Work, NIMHANS.
People who are interested in knowing what is mental health and how mental illness can be addressed, should visit this Trust.
Dr. Nataraj Gojanur,
Psychiatrist, Mercy Univeristy, Ireland.
Excellent rehabilitation for the most voiceless group of our society.
Dr. Jagdish Kaur,
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India.
Visiting this place is like doing meditation. It is a place of God’s own children.
There cannot be a better atmosphere than this for fostering the mental health through dedicated leadership and motivated staff.
V. Balakrishnan,
The premise has been established in a beautiful location. Nature therapy inaddition to all other therapies will definitely have a positive impact on the beneficiaries.
Dr. Neeradha Chandramohan,
Director, National Institute for the Empowerment of Persons with multiple Disabilities, Chennai.
We are deeply impressed by the concept, program delivery, staff dedication, creative solutions and the cultural adaptation shown by the work done by Chellamuthu Trust. It represents a best practice model of community psycho-social rehabilitation in T.N, India.
Chee Ng ,
Univeristy of Melbourne
The only thing that has changed in the last 6-7 years since i have been here is that the programme has become larger, more encompassing and compassionate.
Ramya Kannan,
Special Correspondent, THE HINDU, Chennai.
A wonderful evening with God’s beautiful people on the World Mental Health day.
G. M. Akbar Ali,
Judge, High Court Madras.
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