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S.No. Programme Area Programme Features / Number of Beneficiaries covered Budget I would like to Donate (INR) towards this cause


Residential Care (Homeless and unaffordable persons with mental illness)

  • Free treatment and psychosocial rehabilitation
  • Contribution supports food, accommodation, medicines and personal expenses.
  • More than 100 such persons need care and support in and around Madurai District.
  • For 1 Person/month Rs.8000 only.


Community Outreach Programs

  • Involves conducting regular rural mental health camps covering 90 panchayats (Total population of 4,05,000) in and around Madurai and neighbouring districts.
  • Contribution supports expenses for medicines per patient for one month.
  • Around 2500 beneficiaries identified .
  • For 1 person / month Rs.450 only


Tele-psychiatric services

  • Community outreach mental health camps in the adopted villages (in and around Madurai and neighbouring districts.)
  • Treatment services in the rural areas through telemobile van, covering a distance around 150 Kms/ Camp.
  • 4 camps in a month covering 150 beneficiaries (Each camp)
  • Expenditure includes fuel charges, refreshment, honorarium for the mental health professionals
  • Rs.6000 per camp x 4 camps =Rs.24000/month.


Awareness Programs & Fight against stigma

  • Activities include awareness campaign, care givers meeting and mental health dialogues.
  • Contribution supports preparing pamphlets, posters,programme manuals, information standees and audio visual materials
  • Nearly 1000 persons are benefited
  • Two programmes per month
  • Rs. 20,000 per programme


Special education for rural children

  • Involves provision of free food,uniform, transportation and special education
  • Contribution supports their special education
  • 60 differently abled children belonging to poor families from remote villages around Madurai district attending our Special School are benefitted
  • Rs.2700 per month per child


Sponsor a meal

  • A new comprehensive program for bringing in more food sponsorship to the beneficiaries for all the 365 days of the year
  • Help for a child / adult by donating on your birthdays, wedding day or any other special day in your life or your dear ones
  • Covering 210 beneficiaries
  • For special children(vegetarian) Rs.50 per child ×60 beneficiaries=Rs.3000/lunch per day
  • For adults with mental disabilities Rs.75per adult ×150 beneficiaries=Rs.11250/lunch per day



    a) Annual Sports meet/ Cultural day for differently abled children and adults
  • An opportunity is given to the beneficiaries to show case their creative talents and athletic potentials Such programmes has helped them win laurels in Annual Sports Meet and District Sports Meet
  • Contribution supports purchase of prizes, gifts, lunch, refreshment and transportation
  • Covering 150 beneficiaries
  • Rs.28,500 per programme ( Two programmes per year )
    b) World Mental Health Day
  • Joins hands with various government and non-government mental health organizations to commemorate world mental health day campaign on 10th October every year
  • Activities include awareness campaign, human chain care givers meeting and mental health dialogues street play, etc
  • Target groups are students & faculties, NSS volunteers, service organizations and general public (Approximately 350)
  • Rs.40,000/-


General Donation

  • Contribution will help in the improvement of wide range of rehabilitation activities, therapeutic programs, professional training activities and improvisation of infrastructure.

Donations given to our Trust are exempted from Income Tax under Section 80G of the income tax act