Mental Health Literacy and Advocacy

Mental Health awareness campaign as part of World Mental Health day celebrations on October 10th, 2012.
Mental health workers of MSCTRF distributing materials on mental health awareness in the community
An initiative on Mental Health Literacy for police personnel
Mental Health awareness campaigns in colleges in Madurai
Mental health Literacy Training programs for schools and college teachers
Mental Health Literacy training for police personnel
MSCTRF staff distributing pamphlets on Mental Health awareness to the public in bus stands
Role plays on Mental health as part of the Awareness campaigns to the public

Every health problem has its own symptoms. So do mental health issues. The objective of this program is to facilitate better understanding among people about their beliefs and practices relating to mental health problems, symptoms and management of mental health problems. This will result in the early identification of the problem and the initiation of treatment. Further, a clear understanding about mental health and related problems is expected to result in the reduction of stigma and better social support for the cause of mental health.

The core message in all the campaigns are mental illness is preventable by practicing positive mental health habits, curable if identified early and treatable. The key targets of this initiative are the general public, medical practitioners, students, teachers, members of CBO’s, employees of organized and unorganized sectors and grass root functionaries of government.