Ananya–Tele Psychiatry

Mobile psychiatric consultation in one of the remote villages during the community camps
Dr. CRS discussing the functioning of tele-psychiatry facility at MSCTF
Mobile tele-psychiatric van of MSCTRF sponsored by Hewlett-Packard, India
Public rally to enhance mental health awareness using mobile tele-psychiatry van
Awareness campaigns using mobile tele-psychiatry van
Presentation of the Mobile Tele-psychiatric service van by Hewlett Packard (HP, India) to MSCTRF.
Virtual Health Care (Tele-psychiatry)

Expansion of psychiatric care in rural areas of India

Tele-psychiatry, as a branch of telemedicine, may be defined as the delivery of psychiatric treatment remotely, using live video-teleconferencing equipment (VTC). Psychiatric treatment via telemedicine can be as effective as when delivered during traditional outpatient appointments.

Since, Our Trust has got vast experience in the field Community Mental Health and the largest service provider in the South part of Tamil Nadu. We thought of establishing a tele-psychiatry network in order to expand our services by using advance trend of Treatment and we found that HP is already doing the same kind Tele medicine under its Social Innovation in some part of the India. When, we expressed our desire in launching of Tele-Psychiatry to HP, immediately they have agreed to provide Technical assistance and expertise for Tele-Psychiatry.

With the Technical Expertise of HP-India, we have established two remote centres- Retreat and M.S.C.Garden and the main hub is functioning at Our Patient Department. Already, an Online training in utilizing the advance technology – Psychiatric Treatment has been organized by HP personnel to Our Trust staff so now they are having efficacy of enrolling the patient into the main stream of Virtual Health Care Clinic. Under, this unique and innovative programme, we have planned to expand our Psychiatric Services for the needy beneficiary who are all residing in the nearby villages of our remote centres with free of cost.