Community Mental Health Project

Meeting of Nambikkai members- an association for self-help groups formed by care-givers of patients with mental illness supported by MSCTRF
Parent-child group training on daily living skills management during the CMHP camps
Capacity building training for Community mental health workers
Psycho-education and parent management training for parents of children with special needs identified during community camps
Training for community mental health workers on community rehabilitation
Registration for the community camp
One of the monthly community camps of CMHP
Care by psychiatrist and physiotherapist - a Multi-disciplinary approach
Free medication distribution by staff nurse


This project was launched in the year 2000 with the financial support of ANDHERI-HILFE, Bonn.
The project aims to enhance the quality of life of the persons with mental disabilities living in the villages often in the state neglect and isolation.

Objectives of The Project

Components of The Project

The various components of this project are:

Profile of The Project Area

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Clients Profile

Project Team

Satellite Vocational Rehabilitation Training Centers

Establishment of Satellite Vocational Rehabilitaiton Training Centers (VRTC) in 11places covering the entire district. Based on the assessment of the needs of the disabled, around 1500 were selected eligible for taking vocational training of various traders from these VRTCS in phase manner. At the beginning, Ramanathapuram Vocational Rehabilitation Center was started in the Collectorate Complex and M.S.Chellamuthu Trust and Research Foundation, an NGO working for the Psycho-social rehabilitation of the mentally disabled person; Madurai was assisting in providing vocational training by their staff. Now there are 11 Vocational Rehabilitation Training Centers.

The main activities of these centers are providing vocational training to the mentally challenged and physically handicapped, creating awareness to the parents and physiotherapy to the disabled. These centers are acting as satellite centers where in all the activities needed for the disabled are being organized by converging resources from various places.