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When people hear this, for many of them, it is usually a list of physical disorders that come to the mind. How many of us can associate mental health issue as a health problem on the first thought?. This is one of the reasons why a mental health issue is often neglected But unfortunately, the percentage of people suffering from mental health issues in India and those not getting the needed care and attention is very high.

People with physical disabilities often end up earning the sympathy and are not considered a threat to themselves or the society. But on the other hand, people suffering from mental disorders are often considered a burden or even a threat by the society, the reason which explains the many abandoned on the streets of our country.

What causes this attitude towards them is the lack of awareness and ignorance among people on mental health. The social perception towards the persons with mental health problems needs a positive reform and the very issue of mental health needs greater awareness, as it is an issue which lacks physical visibility unlike other disorders.

It is essential to break down the socio-economic and medical bamers and prejudice that people with mental disabilities face throughout their lives. It is essential to open up to complete health.

M.S. Chellamuthu Trust and Research Foundation was founded as a response to these mental health concerns